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Note for 2023/24 - we have no availability for NHS or Private flu vaccines at the current time.

We will commence bookings for our flu vaccine service in-line with NHS offering so that patients receive the most effective vaccine for their age.

NHS eligible patients should wait until they receive notification of an appointment from the NHS. Please do not book through this service option as we will not be able to honour the appointment. Private influenza vaccine charge is £14 for season 2022/23.

Important Covid-19 Information

During the current pandemic, we require to minimise patients waiting in the pharmacy, so we ask that you attend on-time for your appointment (please do not attend earlier than the stated time). If you feel well, you may leave immediately after the vaccination, but please stay nearby the pharmacy for a few minutes in case you begin to feel unwell.

Please wear loose fitting clothing, and remove your outer jacket/coat before you enter the pharmacy. Long sleeve shirts should be avoided as they may not roll up the arm far enough to allow the vaccine to be administered safely.

Please ensure you wear a face covering at all times – this should tightly cover your nose and mouth. Please use hand sanitiser before entering the consultation room and avoid touching any surfaces where possible. Free of charge face masks and hand sanitiser is available should you require.

Special note regarding age groups: We offer the Quadrivalent egg-based flu vaccine. The NHS recommend different vaccines for certain age groups, e.g. children and those aged over 50 or 65 years, as some vaccines are more effective than others in specific age groups. Please check for more information.

Patients who can be vaccinated by the pharmacists has been confined to certain categories.

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Our Vaccination Service

If you are in one of the following categories, please visit NHSINFORM.SCOT for information regarding your eligible flu vaccine.

If you are not eligible for NHS immunisation as outlined opposite, the pharmacist may be able to offer immunisation on a private basis with a fee payable.

You must not have had a previous influenza vaccination within the last 5 months. (A copy of this information and of your vaccination will be forwarded to your own GP practice by post if you are an NHS eligible patient.)

Our Flu Vaccination


Before your Flu vaccination you should also tell the pharmacist if you have any of the following:

  • Currently have a fever or infection
  • Have any bleeding disorders
  • Have any allergies (e.g. to eggs, antibiotics)
  • Have had a bad reaction to influenza vaccine in the past
  • Are pregnant or think you might be pregnant

Important Information


You will be given the vaccine by a pharmacist who has received specific training in the administration of influenza vaccine. The pharmacist will give the vaccine deep under your skin into your muscle.

The most common side effects experienced by patients after influenza vaccine injections are pain, redness and slight swelling at the site of the injection. Occasionally, people can also experience fever, shivering, feeling unwell, tiredness, headache, sweating, muscle and joint pain. These reactions normally disappear without treatment in a day or two. A patient information leaflet for the influenza vaccine will be given to you after the vaccination for you to take home and read.

Please Ask…


Once you have received the vaccine, you will be asked to remain near the premises for about 10 minutes in order that the pharmacist can be sure that you do not have any immediate adverse effects as a result of the injection.

If you have any questions or concerns which are not answered here, please ask the pharmacist before being vaccinated.