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To check for a urine infection, we may ask for a urine dipstick test. For all services, we ask that you make an appointment with our pharmacist for the screening service you require. At this appointment, you will be asked a few health screening questions to make sure the test is appropriate for you an to offer you the best advice and treatment for your health.

You will be given information about the test, how it works and asked to sign a consent form. The results will be available, usually within a few minutes, and professional advice will be on hand to explain the results, their meaning and if treatment or follow up is recommended. All tests and results are entirely confidential, and no information is passed on without your explicit consent. The presence of protein, nitrite or leukocytes in urine can be a sign of a urinary tract infection (UTI). Women of all ages are likely to have a UTI during their lifetime and one in three of these will experience this before the age of 24.

This test requires a fresh urine sample and a visual result is available in less than 2 minutes. A recently passed sample can be taken in for testing, or a test strip can be taken home for use at a later time. Depending on the result, it may be possible for the pharmacist to prescribe an antibiotic to treat an infection.

The cost of this service is Free

This is an NHS service, and therefore there is no charge, although conditions apply

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